Accompagnement de Comité de Direction


Créateur et co-animateur d’un séminaire clown pour cadres avec transposition des découvertes en entreprise.

Objectifs : Développement de la sécurité intérieure des collaborateurs, oser jouer avec

le risque sans crainte de sanctions liées à l’échec.

- Journée Vision, Mission, Stratégie de l'Entreprise

- Journée atelier 'clown' : le clown est-il un meilleur chef?



Ils témoignent...

Feedback from FB team on Clown Management Workshop    (29th September 2017)


“Please note that I was extremely lucky to attend the “Clown Management Workshop”. The presentation of Stephan was very natural, simple to understand and well participatory for all. What I particularly liked about the workshop was the skill of Stephan to make each participants comfortable within short time, to help them to realize their inner clown talent and perform instantly. That’s why, the session was so much enjoyable to me.

Through the workshop, I have learned that by performing a little bit clown role I can make my teammates comfortable and make them work effectively as a team for the best result that is aimed by team.”

Md. Mahidul Islam, Assistant Manager, Sustainable Economic Development


“Workshop on clown management was really nice. Through this workshop, it came out how an adverse situation can turn into a favorable one through fun, smile and sometimes silence because smile is the solution to avoid many problems and silence is the answer to avoid odds. Thanks to Stephan.”

 Dilara Begum, Friendship Bangladesh