Feedback from FB team on Clown Management Workshop


(29th September 2017)




“Please note that I was extremely lucky to attend the “Clown Management Workshop”. The presentation of Stephan was very natural, simple to understand and well participatory for all. What I particularly liked about the workshop was the skill of Stephan to make each participants comfortable within short time, to help them to realize their inner clown talent and perform instantly. That’s why, the session was so much enjoyable to me.


Through the workshop, I have learned that by performing a little bit clown role I can make my teammates comfortable and make them work effectively as a team for the best result that is aimed by team.”


Md. Mahidul Islam, Assistant Manager, Sustainable Economic Development


“Workshop on clown management was really nice. Through this workshop, it came out how an adverse situation can turn into a favorable one through fun, smile and sometimes silence because smile is the solution to avoid many problems and silence is the answer to avoid odds. Thanks to Stephan.”


Dilara Begum, Friendship Bangladesh


We are very grateful to you all to give us the opportunity to attend such a beautiful workshop which was led by Stephan. Throughout the workshop Stephan was brilliant and how we discover clown within ourselves.

It was amazing to discover that the clown is everywhere within us and also in me is the key to success and failure in every step of our life.

It was also great to see the observation power of Stephan and the positive way of thinking which can bring us every success in our life.”

 Md. Nayeem Khan, Senior Manager


“It was really a very innovative idea. The workshop on Clown Management and Time Management by Stephan has been thoroughly brilliant.

Stephan is a wise person with a deep insight and very precise observation.

I am amazed to discover the clown inside me and to find out how failure and success are interchangeable and supplement each other.

From this workshop I have realized the vastness of potential in an individual and how a leader can grow up from even the most simple and modest personality.”

Dr. Mohammad Atiqullah Sayeed, Senior Programme Specialist, Health


“This was a very much effective workshop on clown management for understanding the act of a leader as a clown. 

Everybody loves funniness. In the workplace, it can provide such benefits as stress relief, team unification, employee motivation, idea generation, and frustration diffusion through venting. It is helpful for increase staff retention.  

It will also be helpful for us as a leader to suggest the measures to improve the working conditions for better performance by understanding the relationship between the personnel and their work environment.”

 Mohammad Sakhawat Hosen,PhD, Manager, Sustainable Economic Development


“It was a wonderful workshop on Clown Management and Time Management by Stephan.

We all have clown inside us and we all have hopes, dreams, fears and flaws. The clown asks us to share our vulnerabilities, in order to better relate and appreciate each other.  

Stephan is a nice, wise, funny and knowledgeable person with extra ordinary observation power.   

He truly trained us how to communicate other by hiding the hate and pain as a leader, manager, boss, son, father, husband and friend.

It reminds me a proverb “failure is the pillar of success”.

Because Stephan said that, “Leaders prosper by success, Clown succeed by failure”.

He also gave us some valuable advice to do maximum work with minimum time.  

Thank you Stephan for his excellent training.”

 Parvez Mahmood, Senior Manager & In-Charge Procurement & Supply


“Clown Management’ –  it was a new concept to me. Learning about the role of a Manager in a different way. Presentation was good, exercise was good. This will help us in our daily working place as well as in our personal life. Thanks from my side to organize such a beautiful workshop.”

Ruhul Amin, Advisor (Policy & Legal Affairs)


“I have learned so many things, however best two things are:


a.        Using of “AND” instead of “BUT”


b.       How to manage time and understanding of priorities


Please convey a big thanks 😊 and warm hug to Mr. Stephan.”

 Mohammad Aktharul Islam Asif, Manager, Human Resources & Organizational Development


“First of all, participant’s introduction part was so brilliant. I have got opportunities to rethink about my colleagues.  

I would also like to inform you that I admired the game for receiving and delivering messages, which is essential for both professional and personal life. I strongly belief that this game positively changed some of my insights on receiving and delivering messages around those people who are important for completing a total task.

Apart from that the way of facilitation on clown and management showed a new brainstorming method which will definitely help me in future for doing my micro and macro management.”

Abu Muhammad Shihab, Senior Manager, Good Governance Sector


“The Clown Management Concept to be learning management was totally new to me. It was a charming and learnedly sessions of Clown Management and Time Management, were conducted by the lovely facilitator Mr. Staphen, the good observer.

We the participants are benefited no doubt. The way Mr. Stephan had tried to teach us was excellent to me. A very few I have found like him, who can teach and observe everyone’s mind at the same time. It was a great opportunity for us to meet him.

However, I have attached herewith a file of my learning, a result of the effort of Stephan and the Friendship Luxembourg Office, will assist me a lot in my professional and personal life to be carrying out my responsibilities in a comfortable way. “ (see below)

Monwar Faruq Chowdhury, Head of Administration




A.       Learning Through CLOWM MANAGEMENT TRAINING:


The Learning is a lot from the Clown Management Training nicely conducted by Mr. Stephan. Thanks to Stephan. A clown role is to attract others, makes them sad and happy, and the learning is here the importance of one’s showmanship. There is an objective always behind the CLOWN performance.


The training attracted me and my thought with several new ideas. If I observe the role of a CLOWN, I can see and contract (not link) my areas of professional responsibility as:




·        Helps to be active and attentive in all the ways of performing jobs with definite objectives and total level of confidence.

·        Puts one in touch and makes a good interaction and contract with the client in every stage of   job  performance


·        Gives priority always in the present job.


·        Helps to make a plan of a successful performance and how to perform responsibility.   


·        It is a source or scope of self-development.


·        Helps in creates an environment of cordial relationship with the people around in profession  and personal field.


·        Helps to be in a positive attitude through inking AND instead BUT.


Finally the pillars of a CLOWN PERFORMANCE as well as the ones who want to achieve his/her goal are:


Ø  Dignity


Ø  Respect


Ø  Responsibility




B.       Learning Through TIME MANAGEMENT TRAINING:


This session was also wonderful and learnedly. There were some important tips came out in organizing one’s jobs within the time frame. Again thanks to Stephan for his effort. My learning and tips of the session I have been taken with me. In this session the integral concept of one’s performance was VALUES. That is, one should start one’s work with values. Values should take in major part of thinking where much activities and attention is required with the priority is FIRST THING FIRST.




I have learned the steps of Time Management are;


·             Connect the responsibilities to the values


·             Identify the roles to accomplishing the activities


·            Fix one objective of weekly activities per role. Fixing the one objective per week per role                                            attention to be given to the organizing the work as following manner:


 Ø   Address the firmly crises currently occur and take measures with care for the solutions;


Ø   Focus on the deadline of the activity one is responsible for the accomplishment in time.


Ø   Set the date to start the activity as the task is completed with comfort.


·             Put first think first i.e. plan to do the thing need to be done first.


·             Adopt daily activities i.e. check the activity is being done as per the plan/schedule. 


·             Make an evaluation of each activity after it is completed.


Monwar Faruq Chowdhury - Head of Administration - Administration Department -Friendship



The clown management workshop was wonderful, learning, motivating and knowledgeable. Stephan is nice person and has given innovative idea.

I have learnt from the workshop - how to maximum works done with minimum time, difference between Manager and clown, all time show positive attitude. And I have got more inspirations for work easily. Also try to use ‘and’ not use ‘but’.

Thank you so much Stephan for his tremendous workshop and thanks to Friendship Luxembourg team who have arranged the workshop about changing positive mind.  
Md. Anwarul Islam, Regional Manager (Education), Friendship – Gaibandha



“It was an amazing session. After coming back I tried to observe my whole day correspondent what I react and then

 what kind of reply I made in the back of mind as a clown.  It’s wonderful thought process. Thanks.

 Suman Ghosh, Assistant Manager, Communication”